I'm a freelance
full-stack designer helping companies create growth-driven products & brands.



Brand & Marketing Design

Connecting with your target audience is key to a successful business – a thoughtful developed brand is therefore inevitable. Performance based design will show you where to adjust to reach you goals in a much faster way.

  • Coporate Design
  • Logo design
  • Print
  • Point-of-Sale & Event
  • performance marketing


Web Development

I design and develop clean and modern websites. Rapid development with webflow allows me to hand over your finished projects in no time.

  • websites [coRporate / one-pager]
  • webflow [cool]
  • Wordpress [not cool]
  • Landingpages


UX UI & Prototyping

From an idea to a clickable prototype. Iterative rapid development is perfect, to build and design your product in early stages.

  • prototyping [figma / Adobe XD]
  • MVP
  • wireframes
  • user-interface
  • product design
  • Mobile / App design

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